Thursday, August 11, 2011

Smell the roses...

Hello there...
Well, I wasn't expecting to leave it so long between chats, but then I wasn't expecting a whole load of building work to be scheduled...  I was expecting the hubby to be gone on a bachelor weekend (weekends start mid-week, you know?), but not in the same week as major works began on this little place...

So, with the two kiddies, no bathroom, no windows, a missing door, and a whole lot of mess, I didn't have time to sit down in front of the old laptop...

Had I poured my heart out to you, it would have been a very sorry tale... there would have been tears, tantrums, cursing at males... wishing I was born as a male in my next life... and so on.... Needless to say I was not a happy camper...

But, this is another week and I now have a (nearly,) finished bathroom, new windows and a new back door. Hurrah! Oh, and as the hubby was very sorry for the scheduling mix up (that's what he called it... I say it was planned all the way), I also have a 'thank you, you're awesome, I'm a ****' David Austin rose planted in the front garden. A visual reminder of what I am able to put up with and how my hubby can sometimes get it sooooo wrong!

Hey, but this is my happy space, so I'm not going to dwell... the ice is melting around this place (just), so here I am to share a little of my life with you lovelies... after all you did nothing wrong to warrant my rant and general stroppiness..

So, I'll share some lovely garden shots with you... alas, not mine, though... as my beloved garden has building debris, weeds galore, and a tired-looking paddling pool in the middle... so, instead, I figured I'd show you the lovely Deep Cut Gardens, right here in Monmouth County.

It was a blistering hot day, but we managed to drag ourselves out and smell the roses... literally!

These gardens really are beautiful and the perfect place for a picnic on a beautiful sunny day...

The little ones loved the 'Hunt the Gnome' game and my heart swelled with pride as they took the time to look at the plants (even correctly naming a few... my little gardeners)!

I left inspired...although the hubby dreads this type of inspiration, as it can only equal bad things for the old wallet... In fact, as I write this post, I'm already drawing up a list of plants to pick up in the end of season sales. It seems a garden is never complete, and if the hubby makes any more 'scheduling errors,' I'll sure have me one nice rose garden!

Take care all.


  1. Well I can see that would make any gal a little mad - but I am sure it will be worth it. Loved the gardens and can you get David Austin Roses in America? How brilliant if you can. Have a good and less stressful week.

  2. ok- so now i know what you are living through i'm thinking a pretty big rose garden...

    don't you love that a weekend starts mid-week due to a *mates* scheduling error....!!

    your little gals are going to need their own rose gardens at this rate...

    melissa xx

  3. Well, I certainly feel sorry for you having to put up with that! I know how I'd feel and my hubster has been known to "get it wrong" occasionally ;-D
    Well done, you!

    Wonderful photos, really magical. It sounds like a good outing!

  4. My garden is pretty much toast now...

  5. can you send a little bit of sunshine over here please and make the grey skies go away.......?
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. Beautiful uplifting photos and I spy one of my favourite things there too.....ginger beer!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  7. I adore your photos! They look so charming, and I especially love the little gnome :)

    Thanks for posting!


  8. Oh dear, hubsbands! my hubby yesterday watched me struggle whilst lifting something heavy and instead of helping me told me to bend my knees.. love him :) Looks like a wonderful place to visit x

  9. Scheduling error? - that's funny!
    I sympathise with the no bathroom reno stuff - it does end and the result will I'm sure be worth it.
    Can't believe you got those amazing butterfly shots. I tried one afternoon to capture some and just looked like a crazy woman running then stalking around my garden followed by a blurry shot of one flying off just at the crucial moment!

  10. My husband does not like all my inspirational ideas I stubble across too...he knows it means I'm about to tear something apart! Lovely that you were able to smell the roses even in the heat, gorgeous images!

  11. I can wait to see a big reveal - it sounds like you're almost there :) GORGEOUS photos!

  12. Don't worry, I too can vouch for the tensions derived from renovations. Completely normal! It's all worth it in the end... sometimes you feel like it will never arrive. That's me now.
    Those gardens are stunning!

  13. Those are beautiful pictures of butterflies. I guess that's one of the benefits of having a garden.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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