Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Do List

I'm a girl that believes in lists. It all started with the 'Christmas Wish' list, moved on to 'Best Friends' list, 'Madonna Songs' list and then with the onset of adulthood the oh-hum life lists of 'Shopping', 'Work To Do', 'Kids Christmas Wish' list... You get the picture.

In my kitchen I have this 'To Do' list. It's more like a wish list and it by no way covers what I actually need want to do. I rarely scratch things off it, but let me tell you when a task has finally been accomplished, it is a practical champagne popping moment in my house. The hubby tells me to "Put achievable goals on there." That's why  'Mulch' was added... It was supposed to be 'achievable' and yes I know it's practically August (that's why I half heartily pull the weeds up every day... why didn't I mulch back in May??). There's also 'Paint Back Door'  (the decorators tape has been on there since February), but I will get to all these items (one day)... Meanwhile, I can look at the pretty list on the fab blackboard, with the cute herb pots... and that my dears is why I have the list in the kitchen... so I have a reason for this wall decor... I think it not only looks stylish, but it is practical as well. An organizer and garden all in one! OK I may as well tell you now that it was style over function and I have to move the plants every day to the windowsill to get a their morning sun...

But look it's so functional and oohh pretty herbs too... What more could a gal ask for?? Maybe I should add 'Move Plants to Windowsill' to the list... Now that 'is' something I can achieve!

'Paint Kitchen'  actually refers to my awful kitchen cabinets (I sanded them down in Febuary!!) I'll be revealing more about that project soon...


  1. Hi Laura, I wanted to thank you for stopping by! I remember having kids in tow and I know how hard it can be. But they're fun to go to you should give it a shot sometime.

    I have similar cabinets and I'm planning on painting also! Just got to jump in!

  2. Ooh, Laura, I'm a list fiend, too! If only my husband had half my enthusiasm! J x


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