Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rediscovering Friendship

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has read this post. I can't believe that I even had comments. Talk about a heart swelling moment!

It's a quick post today, as I had company last night. Not something that happens very often in this girl's life... not while I've been in the States anyhow. I've lived here almost 6 years and during that time, I've been pretty tied up with pregnancy and motherhood, so friends fell to the way side. But boy did I miss them... until you don't have them, you really don't realize what a special relationship a 'good' friend is. Mrs. S came into my life after after a playground meeting and, boy, how great is it to have a special bond with someone that's not 3000 miles away. My hubby jokes that she's my new 'girlfriend' (I think he's jealous, as he's never had to share me, except with the webcam).

Mmm yummy nibbles...
Anyhoo, we had nibbles, wine, good conversation and all topped off with a lovely cuppa at the end of the night... I forgot to mention she's a Brit too, so every meeting has to involve tea. Lots of it... I'm always beaming at the end of the night, pretty much like when I was a teenager and had been on a date... a friend of hers said that relationships for us gals come full circle... We start off being all about friends, then we meet boys and they become our focus, and then, as we settle into married life and kids, it all becomes about those friends again... never a truer word spoken...

I call these pop 'ems I just love anything I can eat on stick... Except corn dogs!

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