Monday, August 19, 2013

Cape Cod ♥

Hello there.
So, we're back in Cape Cod. It's been a while since we were last here, but nothing has changed... it is still as beautiful as ever. Seriously, I have yet to pass a house that I wouldn't live in and the gardens are certainly something to write home about. This is the place to come to if you want inspiration for a beach cottage. Cape Cod has managed to hold onto that quaint beach look... Apparently, the planning is very strict here, but it looks like the locals don't mind as I saw lots of signs protesting at the proposal to open a Lowes (DIY superstore) here. It did make me wish that the Jersey Shore had adopted the same approach... but I'm not going to get on my soapbox... not today, anyway, as I am on vacation!

We've only been here for a couple of days, so I don't have an abundance of shots to share with you yet, but I'm definitely on a house-stalking mission this week to get some house candy photos.

Love this mermaid, relaxing under the tree!
Unfortunately, the place we're staying in this year no way matches up to the cottage we vacationed in a few years back (you can read about that here)... it's more 'rustic cabin' than 'cape beach house' (that's what happens when you leave the hubby to pick and book the place... note to self: spending weeks to find just the right place, does pay off)... However, it's not all bad... it does have the bonus of being across the road from a beautiful freshwater lake. So, the girls and hubby immediately took advantage of that little perk and took a refreshing dip.

I'm still a little weirded out by swimming in lakes... I think I've watched too many B-movies or the lingering effects of being told that 'a pike will bite your toe off if you swim in a lake'... Either way, I sat by the edge with Lucy the dog and took in the sights.
With an overcast day on Sunday, we took in the sights and visited the Cape Cod Lavender Farm.
It was past the season for seeing the lavender in full bloom, but there was still plenty of pretty sights to take in...

... and my little ladies loved the little fairy garden...
... and even more, they loved adding to it with their own version of a fairy house.
We then trekked through the woods... my eldest complaining about bugs and my youngest reveling in the fact that we could get lost... which we did... but, lucky for us, my ever-sensible six year-old showed us the way... striding purposely in front...
... while I dawdled behind snapping pictures of moss!
Anyhoo, after a perfect day at the beach today, catching hermit crabs, hunting for sand dollars and marveling at sand creations, I had best dash and shower some of this sand off the old legs...

I'll be checking in soon.
Take care all.


  1. What a beautiful place to have a holiday at, looks like your making the most of it.

  2. Beautiful pics. So relaxing. I can't wait to see what the new year brings!
    Your newest follower,

  3. An interesting post with some nice pictures.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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