Monday, September 5, 2011

Little house ♥...

Hello there...First of all, I would like to say a B-I-G 'thank you' for all of your lovely comments. They really did put a smile on my face in an otherwise yucky time. So, I'm back, after quite a rollercoaster week... I'll not go into details (because there are many), but I will tell you that the exit from the cabin was hairy... trees down, crazy flooding... oh, and I picked up food poisoning en route home. Needless to say, I was very ill and not at all prepared for dealing with the damage that Hurricane Irene had left in our little home.

Anyhoo, I'll fast-forward to Friday... power finally restored, basement pumped and hot water back. Life is pretty much as it was pre-storm. We really had it lucky... other inland residents suffered terribly and my heart really does go out to them. Nature, while beautiful, can sometimes be so cruel...

So, here I am again. Appreciating my little home that bit more... loving it's tiny cozy rooms, and so proud that our teeny old creeky house stood up to the storm. We definitely didn't think she had it in her. When the winds are blowing a hooey outside, it creeks and groans and we always joke that it'll be whipped up into the air and dropped on a witch somewhere (the witch role is substituted at times)... but it made it!!! Apparently, she was built well (and I thought the contractor was kidding when he told me it was well-made the other week). So, if you look past the wonky windows, sloping floors, and totally impractical layout, you will see a pretty sturdy and much-loved home.

Okay, I've finshed gushing about how much I love my home (you're lucky... this post could have been about how much I love electricity and all of the modern amenities that come along with it).

So, what am I thinking about at the moment? Fall. Wahoo! Hello, cool nights... goodbye mosquitos! It's September and all the loveliness which comes with Autumn is almost upon us... I have projects up the wazoo to share and, once the kids are back on their school schedule, I'll finally have the time to blog. Life is good! Go on, smile!
Huge hugs!


  1. Hi there. I am so relieved that your lovely home wasn't damaged by Irene. It must have been a pretty worrying time for you with everything that was going on around you. Do hope that you;re feeling much better now after your bout of food poisoning. That can really leave you feeling drained. Take care.

  2. What a week for you!! Food poisoning is bad enough but food poisoning and a hurricane..... I'm so pleased your house survived. Wishing you a peaceful and uneventful week ahead to help you recover. xx

  3. Great to hear things are resored at home and that you are looking forward. There seems to have been a lot of shaking up going on whether in nature or in families but hopefully good comes from bad, happy from sad. Here's to Autumn, or Fall your way :)

  4. So glad everything was fine with your house. Sorry you got the horrid food poisoning though, that's not fair :-(
    I LOVE autumn too, crunchy leaves, halloween and great colours xx

  5. So glad your cozy home is okay. ELectricity is nice isn't it. You don't realize it until you loose it....esp. for days.
    Hope this week will be much better.

  6. How reassuring to know how sturdy your home is. It sounds like a yucky week though, poor you with food poisoning!
    Ps pretty pictures!

  7. Here's to loving every inch of your home. Mine is clear of trees and we have hot water now....Yippee!

  8. Good news that your home was spared Laura, but not so good news that you got food poisoning.
    Sometimes a near miss does make up appreciate what we have doesn't it?

  9. Just read your last post Laura, upset I missed it but so glad you and your family are all well and your lovely home back to normal :)

  10. Hi sweet- i'm so glad to hear that you all and your little lovely house are doing ok and that it survived Irene...

    your last post was put o]up whilst we were still away-oblivious to the rest of the must have been terrified but had to be strong for the girls- and hubby had to be strong for you...

    i hope all your friends were also spared any heart ache...
    thinking of you back there sorting it all out...
    bless that little strong cottage of yours- you'll love it a little bit more now!

    melissa xxx

  11. Yea, yea, yea! Glad you are back to normal & you have a house that stood strong for you :) Does your house have a name? We named our first house Harriet. I had food poison last month - it was the worst! XOL

  12. Oh Laura, what a torrid time you've had. I've so relieved your little house withstood its big test. Here's to a happier week. J x

  13. Laura I am so glad that your lovely house did not suffer too much, and that all is back to normal. Enjoy these early days of Autumn and have a lovely day.

  14. Glad everything went well with your house and that it will be a bad souvenir.

  15. Can just picture you clicking the heels of your ruby red slippers saying there's no place like home! Happy you are safe, and feeling better!
    xo Cathy

  16. I'm so glad your safe, lovely. That must have been terrifying at times.

    Your photos just get better and better - they're so atmospheric!


  17. So happy to hear your beloved home made it!!!! I'm all smiles too for welcoming in September and all it has to offer! Wishing you a wonderful week!!

  18. Hi Laura,
    I haven't been the best blogger lately but have been reading your ordeals, blimey! Glad you and your family are ok again! And your lovely home is stronger than you thought; does she have a name by the way? Take care hon,
    Maureen xx

  19. glad you got your home back to normal ... Over here we have the start of the cool Autumn evenings. makes me feel Christmasy!

    the Bathtime Team

  20. I've been sitting in one spot working for almost two hours. I stood up, filled the kettle and flipped it on, grabbed a tea bag from the pantry and sat back down to wait, taking a break from writing to poke around at other blogs. And look what I find, a wonderful blog that suggests that I do just as I did, wonderful! I'm eager to read on, once I get my tea.

  21. Hello,
    I visited your blog today - I saw you on French Buttons. I'm so glad I found you because your blog is so colorful and full of life. I love the little red house. Your photos are filled with beauty, and it is all that me and my daughters like. I see you have two daughters too. We started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would really enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your wonderful photos. I love tea time, and I take time out each day to have a cup. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  22. Hi Laura. My goodness, I have missed so much!! How awful to have to deal with such incredible devastation, AND whilst ill with food poisoning too!!! I hope this comment finds you well by now and I hope that you have recovered from this terrible experience, as well as your house seemed to recover!!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, lovely lady ~ xx

  23. I keep stopping by for another post - hoping everything is good with you and your family :) You are missed in blogland :) XOL

  24. Hey Laura, hope all is well with you...have'nt seen you in blogland for a while....(although I have been a little disinterested lately..feeling a bit homesick for Australia). Anyway, I your family is well and look forward to hearing from you soon. Robx

  25. Hi Laura,
    Just seeing if all is ok, hope to see you again in blog land, Maureen xx

  26. Hi Sweetie Like the others, I'm just checking in to see if you're okay. I do hope so. Missing you J x

  27. I'm glad everyone was safe after the hurricane. the most important thing is people's safely.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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