Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An anniversary bench...

Hello, poppets.
Oohhh, have I been busy? The answer to that is yes! My day-to-day life has ripped me away from my little blog, but I'm back.
My evenings have been spent painting... every single weeknight from 8 'til 11. This is usually my blog time, so my poor old blog has suffered. But, you know, when I started this old blog, it was to document the renovation of this old place, and so, sometimes, I'll have to take a break to get those projects done. I hope you understand and forgive me for neglecting you... I have missed you all...

Anyhoo, the other Friday was my wedding anniversary. Six glorious years with the hubby, and you know what? He makes it easy... We always like to celebrate our anniversary with a traditional gift. The first year being paper, second year, cotton, etc. Well, this year was iron, so we decided to pick up a little bench for the garden. The hubby wasn't completely sold on this one, but once we brought it home and popped it in our little garden, it looked as though it had always been sitting there underneath our pear tree.

I'm thinking vintage floral cushion. What do you think?

A rose was planted in the front garden, a gift from the hubby (no cut flowers are exchanged during the planting season) and a glass of wine shared... the perfect anniversary.

Righty-o chaps, as I'm back on board with the old blog, I'll be sharing tales from this little old place once again... starting with the kitchen cabinets. Yep, you heard right. I have finally finished painting the kitchen cabinets and am ready to share the spoils of my labour!
Watch this space... Oh, and did I mention that I've missed you all??


  1. Happy Anniversary! The bench is quite lovely..just the perfect addition to a garden. I look forward to seeing the cabinets. :)
    All the best to you and hubby! xo!

  2. Happy 6th Year! The garden is serene, and the bench looks like it was born there. I have some cabinets that are next in line for house projects. I'd rather write.

  3. We've missed you too, now I am really looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen! Looks like you had a lovely anniversary and the bench is so pretty! have a lovely day Laura!

  4. Happy Anniversary Laura and welcome back :).. the bench is so lovely and perfect in your garden. Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen x

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet bench - yes, a vintage floral cushion would look good there. Well done on getting the painting done! Abby x

  6. Happy anniversary! Your chair is gorgeous and I think a vintage floral cushion sounds perfect! Melissa x

  7. Happy Anniversary, Laura! That bench looks lovely in your garden. Great choice!

  8. That little bench is sooooo sweet with our without a cushion on it. Just a wonderful piece for a garden.

    Happy Anniversary!

  9. That bench is so sweet, what a lovely idea. Happy Anniversary! x

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    I love the bench, it's so lovely.
    Welcome back

  11. Hi Laura....
    Love the bench
    and the anniversary
    sounds absolutely
    perfect. Congrats
    on finishing the
    cabinets! What a
    xx Suzanne

  12. Happy Anni! Your bench is simply adorable :) I can't wait to see the kitchen reveal! I've missed you too :) XOL

  13. Happy anniversary :) Love the bench, looks great in your garden. Thanks for adding your link to BC Good Life Wednesdays linky party.

  14. I've missed you too. And big yes to vintage floral cushions!


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